Odd Versus Even

Odd Versus Even


This tool highlights every possible combination of odd and even numbers and how many times that combination of odd and even numbers has been drawn.

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 Numbers of Draws in 2017: 76 draws



Count Draws

3 evens

3 odds

18 times

2 evens

4 odds

23 times

4 evens

2 odds

18 times

1 evens

5 odds

10 times

5 evens

1 odds

6 times

0 evens

6 odds

no show up!

6 evens

0 odds

1 times

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The statistics information above are based on Mathematical Calculation;
it is not a financial advice.
Buying Lottery tickets is a personal act and you hold the personal responsibilities on it.  

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33+34 were seen 2 Times in 2017

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