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LLDJ 2098 LLDJ 2098 LLDJ 2098 LLDJ 2098 LLDJ 2098 LLDJ 2098


LLDJ 2098


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Apr 11, 2023


What is lldj?

lldj, It is a lottery game from La libanaise des jeux, in Lebanon. Established in 2001 by founders with more than 30 years of lottery experience. In Lebanon, the company’s product includes the famous LOTO, Yawmiyeh, and a wide variety of scratch games.


"Although we take care to ensure the accuracy of information containing LLDJ - La libanaise des jeux - Loto Libanais 2232, results, we cannot take any responsibility for any mistakes or omissions. Do check your numbers with the 'La libanaise des jeux' or 'LLDJ' before assuming that you have a winning LLDJ ticket or not".

THIS WEBSITE IS NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH 'YAWMIYEH', 'Loto Libanais', 'La libanaise des jeux' OR 'Lebanese National Lottery'.

If there is any conflict between the information on this site and the information of the Official Game Operator in Lebanon (as amended from time to time), the Official Game Operator, LLDJ, data will take priority

LLDJ 2098

6 Numbers
   1 person won 19,461,263,939
5+1 Numbers
   1 person won 1,413,901,675
5 Numbers
   24 people each won 20,187,375 LBP
4 Numbers
   1,032 people each won 469,474 LBP
3 Numbers
   15,311 people each won 80,000 LBP

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